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Meet Our Market Vendors

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Barriebeau Herb Farm

When you buy my herbal products, you are helping me with my dream, supporting a female farmer and rewarding me with fulfillment, joy, lasting friendships and life purpose.  


Participating at farmers' markets is the highlight of my every week.  "Two kinds of gratitude: the sudden kind we feel for what we take, the larger kind we feel for what we give."


Schuler Farms

Schuler Farms is a small family farm in Caledonia, Michigan. We have practiced sustainable and organic farming methods since 2004.  


It is our belief that food should be local, diverse, fresh, safe, and accessible to all people.

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Ridgeview  Farm

Grilling Season is year round in our house. We are a true family farm that raises beef cattle the right way. Pasture raised with free choice grain.


We greatly appreciate each and everyone of our guest that visits and shops with us at the farmers market.


Heidi's Farm Stand

Full of produce including lettuce, onions, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, potatoes & more! Select from a wide variety of winter squash and apples.


Fresh squeezed cider will tantalize your taste buds.And fresh baked donuts and bread is our specialty!

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Blissful Bakes

Creating custom designed sugar cookies for any occasion! It started with cupcakes, but once I found the world of decorated sugar cookies - I fell in LOVE!


I was fortunate enough to turn this passion into something more than just a hobby with the love and support of my family

Cnossen Farm  616-610-2984
Larry's Gems  616-350-7553
Gee Dee Bees
Cup of Grace  
Dune Buggy 

Hippie Sister 
Summertime Blooms  616-891-1474
Joel Paintings
JnD-Wagz Dogs
Annabelle's Dainty Dog Baker  

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